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Steve and Lenka Romeo

Stephen Romeo, Attorney and J.A.G. Afghan Vet

Show #120


Stephen Romeo and his bride Lenka were my guests this morning on Radio 4 the Ages. Steve was a J.A.G. for the Army, stationed in Afghanistan. Steve shares some insights into the duty of a Judge Advocate General in the Army, and his experiences in a war zone.

We also dealt with elder law in Steve’s practice and the various financial elder abuse schemes that are out in the market. The conversations between the senior adult and their adult children is key to the process, and Steve is adept at coordinating the best outcome for all involved and bringing the parties together. You’ll also hear some great insight into health care power of attorney issues, scope of treatment forms and wishes, living wills, etc. Medicaid and transfer penalties, long term care and the expense involved, and a multitude of relevant topics are covered in this most informative show, that you absolutely should listen to if you are interested in assisting Mom or Dad or yourself, plan for end of life issues.

Lenka, from the Czech Republic, said some nice things about me and my show in her native language…I think. Since I don’t speak Czech, I’m trusting that Lenka was being kind with her words, and not comparing me to the hind quarters of a donkey!

Enjoy! -david


Radio 4 the Ages - Jennefer Garrity - Marilyn Morenz

Show #29: Elder Law & Being Prepared

Show #29: Elder Law & Being Prepared

This Sunday Jennefer Garrity (Co-founder of Garrift & Gossage, LLP) and Marilyn Morenz (of Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region) joined the Radio 4 the Ages team to discuss advanced healthcare and financial planning.   The key take-away from our discussion seemed to be that the earlier we start planning, the better off we and our loved ones will be.  We talked about healthcare power of attorney, advanced directives, financial power of attorney, and several other forms that we can have in place to reduce the burden on our loved ones and clear up a lot of confusion that can arise in the event of a life-changing incident.  To find out more, tune in!


  • Jennefer Garrity

Attorney at Law

Garrity & Gossage, LLP

(704) 841-0661


  • Marilyn Morenz RN, BSN, CHPN

Education & Resource Manager

Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region

(704) 335-3579


  • Advance Health Care Directive Registry

North Carolina Secretary of State