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richard london 9-30-2014

Living with Chronic Illness…and my Birthday Cruise

Show #142


I opened today’s show with a review of my first ocean cruise. Sheila and I took a brief five day cruise to the Bahamas out of Charleston, SC.  I discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Then, Richard London joins me for the balance of the program to discuss living with chronic illness. He shares some valuable tips for staying involved in life and keeping a positive attitude. There is much good information here, offered by Richard who lives – successfully and fully, with Parkinson’s Disease.

I close the program in the last few minutes with a discussion regarding the current phraseology being used on sports talk shows. I listen to many sports talk shows weekly, and I am frankly annoyed  with the over use of the following: “to me”, “for me”, “in my mind”, “personally”, etc. What ever happened to “in my opinion”, or “I think”? I guess they are on hiatus until further notice. At least, personally, for me, I was thinking that in my mind!

Many thanks to Richard and thank you for listening to Radio 4 the Ages and for being a part of my journey!


Holli and David

Holli Adams on Food, Health, and Cheese puffs (?)

Show #124


Holliday (Holli) Adams, host of the weekly Healthy Home Hour on radio in the Charlotte market was my most fun guest co host today! Holli has been hosting her own radio show for the past three years- Healthy Home Hour, brought to you by Healthy Home Markets. Holli’s guests include folks who are in to eating healthy and creating and using healthy products. We discussed genetically modified foods, the importance of starting early with healthy eating, the impact of obesity on chronic illness as we age, exercise, the benefits of sleep, and all things for a better and improved quality of life.

Holli was a wonderful guest co host, and we had a wide ranging conversation, and lots of laughs. Radio 4 the Ages strives to be easy listening, informative, and all the while entertaining while covering topics of many stripes. And today’s show is a prime example of that goal. Holli was informative, easy to listen to, and entertaining to boot!

So relax and listen to this program. It just may help you to find a path to a more healthy lifestyle. Holli, you are welcome to join us again in studio when your schedule allows.

And thanks for being a part of my journey with Radio 4 the Ages! -david