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Eileen, Kimberly, Tom

Memorial Day, Flags Across the Nation, Art for Veterans

Show #129


This edition of Radio 4 the Ages celebrates our Armed Services men and women! This was certainly one of the most enjoyable shows that I’ve done – ever! Eileen Schwartz founded Flags Across the Nation after 9/11, and in addition to that Eileen is the founder and resident artist for another fine organization, Art for Veterans. Eileen brought two of her Art for Veteran participants with her: Tom Shaw and Kimberly Dawn Mullis. Tom is a former Seaman in the US Navy, and Kimberly was a nurse and 1st Lt. in the USAF.

My guests shared their remembrances of the impact of 9/11 on their lives. Eileen was inspired to found Flags Across the Nation as a result of her emotional reaction to that event The history of Memorial Day was discussed, along with the importance of that day, and the regret that we, as a nation, do not honor our service men and women and our flag on a more consistent basis.

Art for Veterans is a very special program, allowing veterans to express themselves through art in all of its forms. The healing process for veterans can be a lengthy and difficult one, and Art for Veterans is a most worthy effort in that direction.

Do yourself a very large favor, and if you are a US Veteran, or love and respect Veterans, relax and listen to this show. Find out more about Flags Across the Nation and Art for Veterans at

Thanks for listening, and for being a part of my journey with Radio 4 the Ages!