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Show #72: Westminster Towers

Show #72: Westminster Towers

Jason Basile, the Business Development Director from Westminster Towers in Rock Hill, SC was my guest host today. Frank Forsythe, my good friend and magical ukulele player took ill just hours before his appearance with us, and fortunately Jason was able to fill in admirably! We discussed a wide variety of subjects. You’ll find conversation on the effectiveness of flu shots for the elderly, falls prevention, downsizing, non-skilled in home care, socialization, and many other interesting comments and brief discussions.

I spend the last segment discussing my *P*L*E*A*S*E initiative; an inspirational and motivational talk for adults of all ages. The acronym stands for Prayer, Laughter, Exercise, Attitude, Service, and Everyday. For more information on that, contact me directly at

-thnx, david