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Brad Peters1

Human Dignity and Food Insecurity (aka Hunger)

Show #113


Brad Peters, the Executive Director of Everybody Fed was my guest this morning. Brad and his team of volunteers are dedicated to feeding some of the less fortunate children and adults in Africa (Kenya and Uganda). Brad tells his story of taking a look at his life, which was mostly consumed with becoming a successful salesman and providing for his family’s financial needs. He realized one day a while back that maybe there was a higher purpose for his time here on earth. This thought kind of hit him squarely between the eyes one day when his youngest son said Dad was a money making machine! And Brad realized that he wanted to do more than make money; that he wanted to find a way to improve the lives of others. Thus the idea for Everybody Fed was born. And Brad has also had the joy of working with a team that has brought water wells to communities in Africa. Imagine the thrill of having running water coming from a pump right in the center of your village, for the first time in your life! The villagers were singing and dancing when the drilling team first started. You can see the videos and photos of the villagers at

Please take the time to listen to Brad’s story, told here on Radio 4 the Ages, in a modest and common man style. And if you feel the need to get involved, jump right in!

-thnx, david

Joel Berg - Copy

Show #92: Joel Berg – Aging and Hunger in America

Show #92


Joel Berg, the Executive Director of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger was my guest on this program. I interviewed Joel at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Charlotte, North Carolina on July 25th. Mr. Berg was giving a talk to a group of volunteers for AARP.

I was invited to interview Mr. Berg by Michael Olender, Associate State Director of AARP for North Carolina. Joel Berg is also the author of : All You Can Eat: How Hungry is America. He also worked in the Clinton Administration in 1992.

Our far ranging conversation covered the SNAP (food stamp) program, the low incidence of fraud in that program, school breakfast and lunch programs, hunger among the growing senior adult population in America, and possible solutions to the formidable problem of hunger, or ‘food insecurity’ if you will, in this country.

Not having enough to eat, on a daily basis, is a major factor in our society that impacts everyone from the young to the oldest old. School age children are less able to focus and learn when they do not receive sufficient nutrition, and older Americans are more likely to exacerbate failing health without proper food intake. Many older Americans are forced to choose between buying food, or their needed medicine, or paying the utility bill. In a country with the wealth and blessings that America possesses, we at the least, should be able to feed our people.

Thanks for listening, and I welcome your comments.