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David On-air2014

What’s in a Name…Seniors? Elders? Geezers? Oldsters? Old People?

Show #130


What, exactly, is in a name? Sure, you have a handle that your Mom gave you, and one that your best friends may have saddled you with. But what about that generic one that you also belong to; kind of a group or class that you find yourself in, and sometimes to your great surprise!

When you find others in your chronological age group being referred to as elderly, or senior citizens, or the aged, crotchety or geezer generation. What about  then? What would you think is the proper way for your cohort group to be discussed as? We don’t call young folks ‘junior citizens’, so why do we refer to the 65+ or older group as senior citizens?

This edition of Radio 4 the Ages is a journey into that morass. Take a listen and voice your opinion if you’d like. Just send me an email to

And we also remembered our WWII Normandy D-Day veterans as the 70th anniversary of that history changing and freedom preserving event was upon us- June 6th, 1944.

-thnx, david