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Gina and Jessie 8-30-14

Gina, Jessie and Me!

Show #141


This show is the last live show until September 20th. We are replaying a previous show on both September 6th (my birthday) and September 13th.

This program with Gina Amato and Jessie Gwilt (my daughter) covered a variety of subjects, like I’m prone to do, but focused on college age children living with parents after the college experience is done.  Zoe, Gina’s daughter who did two shows with her Mom on Radio 4 the Ages, called in to give us an update on her new job and independent living.

I started the show today with some reflections on turning the page on my 65th birthday. Then we move on to a discussion of  young people graduating college, moving back home, living independently, getting a job, and starting the sometimes long and arduous task of ‘working for the Man’.  Jessie reflected on her four years of college living away from home, and the maturation experience. She also shared with us her thoughts on beginning her working career. How much does the influence of good parenting in the early years impact the decision making of college age children when they are out from under the the watchful eyes of their parents. 

I’m very proud of my daughter Jessie for many, many reasons. Jessie displayed a self confidence and maturity on today’s show as she expressed her thoughts on growing up in a single parent home and the importance of open communication between parents and children.

Many thanks to my daughter Jessie and my good friend Jessie for sharing their time with me this morning!



Adult Children and the Empty Nesters, Part 2

Show #118


Gina Amato and her daughter Zoe join me in studio for the first ever back to back shows with the same topic that’s ever been done on Radio 4 the Ages!

Adult children moving back in with Mom or Dad after college is the main thrust of this conversation. There’s enough statistical data for you to chew on, and as in the first part last week, plenty of laughs as we explore the challenges and blessings of this oft times necessary living arrangement.

My youngest son Collin joins us as well, and he accounted for himself fairly well for a 15 year old male; at least during the first hour of the show. After that, I think the late hour that he was ‘forced’ to keep the night before in serious phone conversation with his young lady friend brought on a bit of nap time.

gena and zoe

Adult Children Invading the Empty Nest, Part I

Show #117


Gina Amato and daughter Zoe Irizarry join me this day to do what turned out to be part one of a two part venture into a fun and most entertaining show on the topic of adult children moving back into their parent’s home. Gina is the Western Territory Disaster Program Manager for the American Red Cross in the upper Palmetto Region.

This venture turned out to be a radio version of a few television shows: Dr. Phil, Maury Povich, Jerry Springer, albeit a milder version of that one. Gina and Zoe are both full of life, joy and a willingness to share with the audience. We touched on some of the joys, challenges and irritants of life when a recent college graduate moves back into her childhood home to reside with her Mom after four years out of the nest.

I’m sure that you will enjoy this program with Gina and Zoe. But there is a warning! If you are averse to laughter, do not listen to this edition of Radio 4 the Ages!

Part Two is to be heard on February 22nd!

-thnx, david