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Hunger in America, cont’d.

Show #94


I opened the show today with a discussion on prayer at government public meetings.  This topic is continuing to be present on the pages of our local newspapers and on news shows. It all rests on the first and fourth amendments. It’s the concepts of separation of church and state, and freedom of speech. Listen in, and if you have an opinion, you can express it here on our comments section.

Also, on today’s show, I decided to continue my discussion on hunger in America. This is an ever present, and ubiquitous condition in America, and it often flies under the radar. 

I explored the connection between crop subsidies, food conglomerates, and the high fat content foods that are easily found on our grocery shelves. In essence, some of the tax dollars we pay are funneled to crop producers, who in turn use the corn and soy beans they produce that are being subsidized,  to manufacture and sell foods to us that are not healthy. Then, when the obesity and/or overweight condition that is a result of those foods being consumed (at least partially), is higher medical costs, we pay again through higher taxes and medical insurance. So our tax dollars are used to make us less healthy and cost us more in medical expense.  Does that make sense to anyone??

I hope that you listen to this show, and when you do, it sparks some thought and action on your part to contribute to your health and the overall health of our nation.

-thnx, david