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Radio 4 the Ages - 1-22-12 - Sheila Robinson - Lois Ingland - Renee Williams

Show #18: Faith, Health, & Community

Show #18: Faith, Health, & Community

Joining us in the studio this Sunday to talk about faith, health, and community were Lois Ingland (from Carolinas Hleath Care System), Pastor Renee Williams (from Love Fellowship Church), and Sheila Robinson (Health Ministry Coordinator). We learn how organizations of faith can play a role in improving the health and lives of people in our community by being a trusted resource to senior adults and those of all ages. Be sure to tune in!



  • Pastor Renee Williams
    • Love Fellowship Church
    • 2817 W. Sugar Creek Rd. (Derita Shopping Center)
    • Charlotte, NC
    • (704) 921-1550


Radio 4 the Ages - 1-8-12 studio pic

Show #16: Resolutions and Reflections

Show #16: Resolutions and Reflections

In our first live show in 2012, the Radio 4 the Ages team gives us a topic-packed show.  We focus primarily on New Years resolutions such as losing weight, quitting smoking, cutting down on plaid flannel shirts, and generally living healthier.  We talk about how so many New Years resolutions go unfulfilled throughout the year and what small things we can do to help increase our chances of success.  We also try to get across the point that “success” can be described as improvement, not perfection. David does his weekly dysfunctional discourse on child homelessness in the U.S., and we give a brief overview of our exciting upcoming shows.  We also want to thank all of our listeners for their support.  Without you, we wouldn’t be able to bring this truly unique live, talk radio show every Sunday morning.   We hope you have as much fun listening to our show as we do making it!

Radio 4 the Ages - 12 - 11 -11 - HIV/AIDS, Seniors, and R.A.I.N.

Show #12: HIV/AIDS, Seniors, and R.A.I.N.

Show #12: HIV/AIDS, Seniors, and R.A.I.N.


In this show of Radio 4 the Ages, we cover a topic that isn’t being talked about much, but impacts so many of our senior-adults and people of all ages around the world; HIV/AIDS.  David, Heather, and Matt sit down with two guests Nathan Smith and Cheryl Roberge (both from R.A.I.N. – Regional AIDS Interfaith Network) to discuss HIV/AIDS in the senior community.  HIV/AIDS is a growing problem in the 55+ age group and the lack of awareness and education is leading to more senior-adults becoming infected.  If you or a loved one feels like they may not be at risk for HIV/AIDS because they’re not in the stereotypical group of “people with AIDS”, think again and listen to this show.  Hopefully we can help bring some awareness and inspire active among our senior-adult population.  For more information, please contact R.A.I.N.





  • Cheryl Roberge
    • Director of CARE Management
    • (704) 372-7249 ext. 181



  • Nathan Smith
    • Director of Development & Marketing
    • (704) 372-7249 ext. 161
Radio 4 the Ages - 11-27-11 - David Gwilt, Matt Weeden, Heather Redding, Josephine Hicks, Lynssy Logue, Marilyn Morenz, Laura Fitzpatrick

Show #10: Life, Cancer, and Hospice

Show #10:  Life, Cancer, and Hospice

We come back from our Thanksgiving holiday to a show that hits close to home for so many people: cancer.  In our first segment, we’re joined in studio by authors Lynnsy Logue (Tongue Cancer and My Organic Cotton Socks) and Josephine Hicks (If There’s Anything I Can Do…What You Can Do When Serious Illness Strikes).  We dive into the subject of cancer from two perspectives.  One from Lynnsy Logue, and another from our guest Josephine Hicks who lost a partner to pancreatic cancer.  Krissa Palmer gives us another great segment of her Senior Moments before we transition to our second half of the show with Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region guests Marilyn Morenz and Laura Fitzpatrick.





  • Marilyn MorenzRN, BSN, CHPN
    • Education & Resource Manager
    • Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region
    • (704) 335-3579


  • Laura FitzpatrickLNHA
    • Administrator
    • Hospice & Palliate Care Charlotte Region
    • (704) 887-6302


Radio 4 the Ages - Personal Responsibility for Seniors

Personal Responsibility

Show #7 Personal Responsibility (click play to listen)

WOW! We can’t believe we’re already on our 7th show here at Radio 4 the Ages, and boy was this show fun!  As has become a tradition here at Radio 4 the Ages, David gives us his weekly Dysfunctional Discourse on personal nutrition and over-medication.  Joining us in the studio today along with the  Radio 4 the Ages team was Dr. Michael Smith N.D. (of Carolinas Natural Health Center), Linda Miller (of Centralina Area Agency on Aging), Mel Miller ( of Ameriprise Financial Services), and Betty Reynolds (Life Coach & Certified Senior Adviser).  We dug into several topics surrounding personal responsibility including nutrition, health & fitness, financial & estate planning, and personal networking.  The subject of personal responsibility is far too broad and complex for us to have covered in just two hours, but hopefully this show has provided our listeners with inspiration and resources to take the first step!


  • Dr. Michael T. Smith N.D.
    • Naturopathic Physician
    • Carolinas Natural Health Center
    • 1126 Sam Newell Rd., Suite A
    • Matthews, NC 28105
    • (704) 708-4404


  • Mel Miller C.L.T.C.
    • Financial Advisor with the practice of Becky L. Johnson, CFP, CLU
    • Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
    • 17810 Statesville Rd., Suite 322
    • Cornelius, NC 28031
    • (704) 650-5439


  • Linda Miller
    • Community Service Coordinator
    • Centralina Area Agency on Aging
    • (704) 372-2416 (Main office)