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Calvin Harvel

The Role of God in Recovery from Addiction

Show #148

Calvin Harvel joins me in studio this morning to explore the meaning and importance of God, or a Higher Power, if you will, in the process of recovery from addictions. Millions of people of all ages struggle

Calvin is a graduate of the Charlotte Spiritual Center, Spiritual Director Certification, and a certified hypnotist. He works in an addiction recovery center in the Charlotte, NC area, and his mission is to be of assistance to those in need. This is an open and frank discussion of the role that a higher power, or a God of your understanding, plays in the recovery process from addictions of all kinds- alcohol, drugs, sex, food, gambling and others.

Calvin shares of his lack of belief in any higher power outside of himself when he first sought recovery, and how he came to find one along his journey. This program is not an endorsement of Alcoholics Anynymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Over Eaters Anonymous, or any specific 12 step program. It is simply one man’s story, and a discussion of the role that a God or higher power seems to play in the lives who are successful in their recovery efforts.

I hope that this program might be a valuable resource to all who struggle with addictions.

Thanks for listening and for being a part of my journey with Radio 4 the Ages.