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Holli and David

Holli Adams with Andy Silver… Conflict Resolution

Show #156

My good friend and veteran radio show host, Holli Adams, hosted Radio 4 the Ages again this morning while I was recuperating at home from surgery. Holli and my UNCC student intern, Zach Fandl, welcomed Andy Silver to the show. Andy is a professional in the art of mediation and conflict resolution. His organization’s web site is

My sincere thanks again to Holli for hosting Radio 4 the Ages!

Holli Adams

Holli Adams with Mike White…Optimal Breathing

Show #156

Holli Adams hosted this week’s Radio 4 the Ages…and she was fabulous as usual! Holli graciously agreed to do the show as I had my colostomy ‘take down’ surgery and thought that I’d better stay in hospital rather than venture out to the studio.

Holli’s guest was Mike White, the founder and president of the Optimal Breathing School. Check out Mike’s web site at

Thank you Holli, and my UNCC student intern, Zach Fandl for hosting the show in my absence!

Holli 8-23-14

Holliday Adams- 3rd time’s the Charm ?

Show #140


Holli Adams joins me again this morning to discuss absolutely whatever came to mind! It’s always an experience to have Holli in the studio with me. She’s a quick wit, a surefire laugh, and an engaging and somewhat sultry radio voice.

I talked about turning 65 and becoming eligible for Medicare- both events somewhat disturbing with all that’s implied by those concurrent events. We also covered the declining popularity of ‘jiggles’ (the Jello variety), the difficulty and frustration women experience in trying to find a suitable ‘mate’ after the age of 50, and many,many more topics.

This program is one fine example of talk radio that combines intelligent conversation, current topics, sociological observations, real life issues relating to aging, and Humor!

Enjoy, and thanks for listening.


Holli and David

Holli Adams on Food, Health, and Cheese puffs (?)

Show #124


Holliday (Holli) Adams, host of the weekly Healthy Home Hour on radio in the Charlotte market was my most fun guest co host today! Holli has been hosting her own radio show for the past three years- Healthy Home Hour, brought to you by Healthy Home Markets. Holli’s guests include folks who are in to eating healthy and creating and using healthy products. We discussed genetically modified foods, the importance of starting early with healthy eating, the impact of obesity on chronic illness as we age, exercise, the benefits of sleep, and all things for a better and improved quality of life.

Holli was a wonderful guest co host, and we had a wide ranging conversation, and lots of laughs. Radio 4 the Ages strives to be easy listening, informative, and all the while entertaining while covering topics of many stripes. And today’s show is a prime example of that goal. Holli was informative, easy to listen to, and entertaining to boot!

So relax and listen to this program. It just may help you to find a path to a more healthy lifestyle. Holli, you are welcome to join us again in studio when your schedule allows.

And thanks for being a part of my journey with Radio 4 the Ages! -david