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radio4theages-11-10-12- Pete Fullerton - Truck of Love

Show #58: Truck of Love with Pete & Sue Fullerton

Show #58: Truck of Love, Pete & Sue Fullerton

Joining us this weekend were Pete and Sue Fullerton.  Both Pete and Sue work with their organization Truck of Love which helps provide care and assistance to families, children, the homeless, and those who are in need.  We hear both Pete and Sue talk about the origins of Truck of Love as well as how it has shaped their lives.  We talk about Pete’s musical career with The We Five and we even hear of clip of one of their hit songs “You Were On My Mind”.  We also hear Pete talk about his book titled Old Men Dream in which he describes his journey of homelessness and the experiences that he encountered.  To listen to this instantly classic show, tune in!


  • Truck of Love

(803) 324-0173

Radio 4 the Ages - 6-5-12 - Jewish Family Services

Show #46: Jewish Family Services

Show #46: Jewish Family Services

This weekend we talked with Natalie Tunney (Director of Senior Adult Outreach Services) and Karen Knoble (Board Chair), both of Jewish Family Services of Charlotte, about their organization and what services they offer to the community.  Jewish Family Services of Charlotte, located in Shalom Park, “provides comprehensive integrated social services that help members of our community in the most effective compassionate way possible, providing people of all ages, religions and socio-economic backgrounds with the encouragement and tools they need to become productive and self-reliant. “  To find out more about Jewish Family Services, be sure to tune-in.  In the last half-hour of our show, we were joined in studio by Dr. Todd Engel (of Carolinas Dental Center) to talk about dental issues ranging from dentures to new technology in dental procedures.


  • Natalie Tunney

Director of Senior Adult Outreach Services

Jewish Family Services of Charlotte

  • Karen Knoble

Board Chair

Jewish Family Services of Charlotte

  • Jewish Family Services of Charlotte

(704) 364-6594