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Keith and Deb Tillman

Pets, Older Adults, Strong Connections, Difficult Choices

Show #132


Dr. Keith Tillman, DVM and his spouse Deb Tillman join me this morning to discuss pets: their care, their relationship with people, and hospice and end of life issues for them.

Dr. Tillman is the owner of Comfort at Home Mobile Pet Hospice and Euthanasia, and Deb Tillman is a Masters student in the Gerontlogy program at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Her project is Pets of Older Owners.  If you are an animal owner, an animal lover, or interested in the relationship that people and pets form as a family, then this edition of Radio 4 the Ages will please you. You can tell by listening to the care and concern in his voice that Dr. Tillman is a wonderful Veterinarian.

The concept of pet hospice is relatively new, but certainly one that is gaining in popularity as folks want to extend to their four legged family members the same love and care at the end of life that they do for their human family.