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Radio 4 the Ages - Cindy Greer - Karen Chisholm - Transition With Care

Show #24: Transitioning with care

Show #24: Transitioning with care

This Sunday was Paul Simon Day! Yes, the fellow baby boomer and “Simon” in Simon & Garfunkel. That Paul Simon. In addition to the stellar musical theme this week, we talked with Cindy Greer and Karen Chisholm (both of Transition with Care) about some of the challenges we, or our lived ones, face when transitioning from a home to some other form of housing such as assisted living, retirement communities, or other senior housing options. We learn that “Relocation Stress Disorder” can be a real issue affecting senior adults and there are steps one can take to help streamline the transitioning process. We were so happy to have Cindy and Karen in the studio. Tune in, call in, get involved!



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