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Radio 4 the Ages - Debi Lee - Sgt Walt Bowling - Ken Sigmon - Elder Abuse

Show #23: Elder Abuse

Show #23: Elder Abuse

This Sunday we welcomed to the show Debi Lee (Elder Rights Coordinator at the Centralina Area Agency on Aging), Sargeant Walt Bowling (Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department – Financial Crimes Unit & Cyber Crime Unit), and Ken Sigmon (Supervisor at Adult Protective Services). We speak with them about the different types of elder abuse and who to call if you think an adult may in need of these services. We also learn of several ways to reduce the risk of elder abuse by, in some cases, just getting the family together and talking about the subject. World Elder Abuse Day, June 15th, is a wonderful opportunity to have this talk among your family. We here at Radio 4 the Ages were honored to have such great guests on our show and hope to bring our listeners valueable information on a topic that can such large impact on the lives of our loved ones. Tune in to learn more!


  • Debi L. Lee

Elder Rights Coordinator

Centralina Area Agency on Aging


  • Sargeant Walter Bowling

Computer Forensic/Cyber Crimes Unit

Financial Crimes Unit

North Carolina Senior Fraud Task Force

Mecklenburg County Consumer Fraud Task Force

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department


  • Ken Sigmon

Supervisor, Adult Protective Services

Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services


  • Just 1 Call

(704) 432-1111

(704) 336-2273

  • Department of Social Services

Call 24/7 1-800-508-5777