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David On-air

Legacies- What do you want to be remembered for?

Show #138


On today’s show I reflect on life’s legacies. You know, the things we leave behind. Legacies can be physical items, memories, or the impact that y0u may have had on an individual’s life. Or maybe a bit of all the above. My inspiration for this topic was the recent passing of a friend whose family had the task of sorting through the items left behind. It’s usually easier to sort through and decide what to do with basic items, like every day furniture, pots and pans, lamps from the local big box store, etc. Also easy are the items that have significant dollar value or sentimental value to the survivors, like jewelry and family heirlooms. But items that hint of a story behind them; that just might have been an item of importance to the dearly departed but are of no tangible value to the family…those are the challenges.

Emily Garcia, my frequent in studio board operator, joins me with her thoughts It’s always a bit of a challenge for a young person in their 20′s to think about life’s legacies, especially when they haven’t lost anyone and had to experience the process, but Emily brings the thoughts of a 20-something to the issue. We had a few callers with their thoughts on the topic, which are always welcome.

Lastly, I discussed the challenge of selecting which type of plan to use with Medicare. I become eligible for Medicare next month, and I have been inundated with solicitations from a variety of insurance companies. Decisions….decisions….decisions.

Thanks for listening and for being a part of my journey with Radio 4 the Ages!