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Radio 4 the Ages - 9-16-12 - Mental Health and LifeSource Inc.

Show #52: Mental Health & LifeSource Inc.

Show #52: Mental Health & LifeSource Inc.

Mental health issues among senior adults is an area of health care that too often goes untreated.  Some people may see an underlying clinic depression as a natural part of aging, which it is not.  Today we learn about some of the symptoms of mental health issues in seniors.  Our guests are Peggy Baddour (Founder of One Source Solutions Inc, and LifeSource Inc.), Dove Avylla (Chief Operating Officer, LifeSource Inc.), and Dr. Arlene Gallan (Clinical Psychologist).  To learn more, be sure to tune in!


  • Peggy Baddour

Founder, One Source Solutions Inc.

Founder, LifeSource Inc.

  • Dove Avylla

Chief Operating Officer

LifeSource, Inc.


  • Dr. Arlene Gallan

Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Director, LifeSource Inc.