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radio4theages-11-10-12- Pete Fullerton - Truck of Love

Show #58: Truck of Love with Pete & Sue Fullerton

Show #58: Truck of Love, Pete & Sue Fullerton

Joining us this weekend were Pete and Sue Fullerton.  Both Pete and Sue work with their organization Truck of Love which helps provide care and assistance to families, children, the homeless, and those who are in need.  We hear both Pete and Sue talk about the origins of Truck of Love as well as how it has shaped their lives.  We talk about Pete’s musical career with The We Five and we even hear of clip of one of their hit songs “You Were On My Mind”.  We also hear Pete talk about his book titled Old Men Dream in which he describes his journey of homelessness and the experiences that he encountered.  To listen to this instantly classic show, tune in!


  • Truck of Love

(803) 324-0173


Show #55: Hello WRHI

Show #55: Hello WRHI

This is our first show from the WRHI studios in Rock Hill, SC.  David tells us about his recent visit to Syracuse, NY where he saw the Dalai Lama at the One World Concert.  We talk about the history of Radio 4 the Ages, who we are, what our mission is, and why we choose to bring you best programming for senior adults and their loved ones.  We take several phone calls from new listeners and continued supports alike.  The team at Radio 4 the Ages felt so welcomed at our new studio and look forward to brining you many more years of great programming.  Tune in, Call in, and get involved!


  • NC Seniors` Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP)

  • SC Medicare Information


Radio 4 the Ages - 9-30-12 - We're Moving from WBCN to WRHI

Show #54: Our Last from WBCN

Show #54: Our Last from WBCN

This week on Radio 4 the Ages we broadcast our last show from WBCN before moving to WRHI (1340AM & 94.3FM).   David, Heather, and Matt reminisce about many of the past shows, great guests, and memories from the 1660AM WBCN studios in Charlotte.   We are going to miss all of the great people at the CBS Studios and look forward to our new studio in Rock Hill, SC.  This show also features the music of James Taylor (who grew up in Chapel Hill, NC).  Heather and Matt début their special features in this show as well.   Tune in and listen to the array of guests and topics we have covered in the past that impact our senior adult community and those who love and care for them.


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Radio 4 the Ages - 9-23-12 - Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Show #53: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (follow-up)

Show #53: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (follow-up)

This weekend on Radio 4 the Ages we welcome several families with grandparents who have been raising their grandchildren, and in some cases have even adopted them.  We talk with them about some of the struggles grandparents go through, financial, logistical, and emotional.  We also speak with Lavern Weathers of the Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services to learn how DSS works with these families to help them and give them guidance. To learn more about grandparents caring for their grandchildren, tune in!  Also, to hear our previous show about grandparents raising grandchildren and kinship care, listen to Show #42: Grandparents raising grandchildren.



  • Lavern Weathers

Community Social Worker / Family Caregiver Support Specialist

Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services, Community Resource Division

Family Caregiver Support Program

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Radio 4 the Ages - 8-19-12 - Young Onset Alzheimers

Show #48: Living with Young Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

Show #48: Living with Young Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common form of dementia.  With Alzheimer’s worsening as it progresses, no currently known cure, and the disease eventually leading to death, it is a disease that we must work to raise awareness of and learn more about.  In this week on Radio 4 the Ages, we speak with Sylvia Fiano.  Sylvia has Young Onset Alzheimer’s Disease, which is Alzheimer’s Disease that starts presenting symptoms in a person before the age of 65.  She talks about her life, experience with the disease, and provides us with a glimpse of what living with Alzheimer’s looks like.  We also are joined by Becca Carpenter and Teresa Hoover, both of the Alzheimer’s Association – Western Carolina Chapter.  Also joining us via phone is Dr. Rosalyn Lang-Walker to talk about community based research, education, and advocacy for Alzheimer’s Disease.  To learn more about Alzheimer’s, how it affects lives from the standpoint of someone living with the disease, and how you can get involved in the Alzheimer’s community, tune in!


  • Teresa Hoover

Vice President of Programs

Alzheimer’s Association – Western Carolina Chapter


  • Becca Carpenter

Vice President of Development

Alzheimer’s Association – Western Carolina Chapter


  • Sylvia Fiano


(704) 845-8682

  • Dr. Rosalyn Lang-Walker

Assistant Professor – Department of Biology

Project Manager – African American Alzheimer’s Disease Research Study (

North Carolina A&T State University