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David On-air2014

What’s in a Name…Seniors? Elders? Geezers? Oldsters? Old People?

Show #130


What, exactly, is in a name? Sure, you have a handle that your Mom gave you, and one that your best friends may have saddled you with. But what about that generic one that you also belong to; kind of a group or class that you find yourself in, and sometimes to your great surprise!

When you find others in your chronological age group being referred to as elderly, or senior citizens, or the aged, crotchety or geezer generation. What about  then? What would you think is the proper way for your cohort group to be discussed as? We don’t call young folks ‘junior citizens’, so why do we refer to the 65+ or older group as senior citizens?

This edition of Radio 4 the Ages is a journey into that morass. Take a listen and voice your opinion if you’d like. Just send me an email to

And we also remembered our WWII Normandy D-Day veterans as the 70th anniversary of that history changing and freedom preserving event was upon us- June 6th, 1944.

-thnx, david



Radio 4 the Ages - 8-12-12 - Grief and Loss

Show #47: Grief & Loss

Show #47: Grief & Loss

This Sunday on Radio 4 the Ages, Heather and Matt speak with Larry Dawalt (Senior Director of Spiritual & Grief Care Services – Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region) about grief and loss.  We learn how people can experience grief and loss differently, especially the losses that many senior adults face as they age.  We talk about what people close to those grieving can do to help and how to listen and inspire hope.   We also hear from David, and his son David, via phone to talk about his visit to Albuquerque, NM to watch his son be promoted from  Captain to Major in the United States Air Force.  To learn more about grief and loss, experiences we will all face at some point in our lives, tune in to Radio 4 the Ages.


  • Larry Dawalt, M. Div

Senior Director of Spiritual & Grief Care Services

Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region

Radio 4 the Ages - 6-17-12 - Legal Aid of NC - Shazia Keller

Show #38: Legal Aid of North Carolina

Show #38: Legal of Aid North Carolina

Legal advice and guidance is something that many senior adults may feel is out of their financial reach. This weekend on Radio 4 the Ages, we had Shazia Keller (Staff Attorney with Legal Aid of NC) as a guest.  We talked about some of the great free resources available from Legal Aid of NC for those that qualify.  Of those resources, we talked primarily about the toll-free Senior Law Helpline (1-877-579-7562) which can provide help in areas such as housing law, consumer law, employment law, public benefits, and civil law.  If you are interested in learning about what legal resources may be available for your or your loved ones, tune in!


  • Shazia A. Keller

Staff Attorney

Senior Law Helpline

Legal Aid of North Carolina

1-877-579-7562 (toll-free)

Radio 4 the Ages - 6-10-12 - The American Red Cross

Show #37: The American Red Cross

Show #37:  The American Red Cross

This Sunday on Radio 4 the Ages, we had two great guests from the Upper Palmetto Chapter of the American Red Cross.  We talked about the fantastic work that the volunteers at the American Red Cross do for communities.  They do things ranging from helping families after a disastrous house fire to supporting emergency personnel during a natural disaster and even providing an easy way for folks to give blood to those who are in desperate need of it.  We also talked about how volunteering with the American Red Cross is a great way for retirees to stay active and involved in their community. Click the play button to listen to this show, and be sure to Tune In, Call In, and Get Involved!


  • Gina Amato

Disaster Volunteer Coordinator

Upper Palmetto Chapter, American Red Cross

  • Katherine Correll

Executive Director

Upper Palmetto Chapter, American Red Cross

  • American Red Cross

  • Upper Palmetto Chapter, American Red Cross

(803)  329-6575

visit website

  • To Give Blood to those in need


Radio 4 the Ages - Geriatric Care Management - Tracey Burak - Zee Chambliss

Show #32: Geriatric Care Management

Show #32:    Geriatric Care Management

Have you ever wondered how families and loved ones navigate what can become a complicated and overwhelming landscape of senior care services?  Well we did too.  That’s why we had Tracey Burak and Zee Chambliss, both from The Cypress of Charlotte.  Tracey Burak serves as the Director of Social Services and Admissions as well as being a Certified Geriatric Care Manager, while Zee Chamliss serves as Director of Nursing.  In this show, we learn about what exactly “geriatric care management” means as well as how families and loved ones can utilize the services they provide.  From social work to psychology an many other areas in between, geriatric care managers help plan, assess, monitor, and advocate for senior adults in a way that’s personal to their specific needs.  If you would like to learn more about this valuable service, be sure to listen to this show.  Tune in.  Call in. Get Involved!



  • Tracey Burak

Director of Social Services/Admissions

The Stewart Health Center at The Cypress of Charlotte

(704) 714-5541

  • Zee Chambliss

Director of Nursing

The Stewart Health Center at The Cypress of Charlotte

  • The Cypress of Charlotte

(704) 714-5500