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October 26, 2013

Two Wild and Crazy Guys!


Show #103


Today, Chuck Boozer joins me in the studio to discuss aging, high school reunions, and a few other of lifes’ happenings.

Chuck is of course familiar to regular listeners of ‘Chuck Boozer in the Mornings, with Freddie Hammer’, a live morning talk show on WRHI in Rock Hill, South Carolina. I had the good fortune of meeting Chuck a few years back when he was selling cars at Hendrick Honda in Charlotte. However car sales is a small part of Chuck’s repertoire. He’s been an accomplished radio guy for many years, and he has one of the most enjoyable guys I know to spend a few hours with just ‘chatting’ about life.

I hope you enjoy listening to this rendition of Radio 4 the Ages as much as I did recording it with my good friend, Chuck Boozer!


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